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The prophet is one who sees beyond present circumstances by glimpsing beyond the veil to the future, which is the purpose of the prophet. Greg Abel was called into the prophetic ministry in 1991 through direct utterance by one of the most recognised prophets of the modern era - Kim Clement who began mentoring him in the United States in 1994.

Greg now stands in the ascension gift of the Prophet by the evidence of the anointing both in revelation and accurate personal prophecy, corporate prophetic declaration and market place prophetic influence.

After a dramatic encounter with God in 2012, to Greg was imparted an unusual and unique gift of the interpretation of dreams & visions.

  • Past
  • Family November 2003, Greg married his soul-mate, and best friend Wendy~Lee who co-founded the ministry. Together their vision is to re-ignite & restore the authentic prophetic so that it would be embraced by the Church. They are proud parents to Caleb (18) and Hannah (16).
  • Present
  • Ministry Greg regularly incorporates “DreamShops” as part of the prophetic expression, interpreting dreams from a live audience. It is a blessing to thousands of people from all walks of life, both within the Church and beyond.
  • Future
  • Mission & Vision Our mission is to raise a generation that would be vitally relevant in both the secular & ecclesiastical world by allowing the Spirit of God to express wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelation, power, signs, wonders and luminosity to every sphere of human endeavour & activity.



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Now is the time for a multi-ethnic, cross-generational company of Believers filled with the Spirit of God to be released into homes and cathedral domes; into dorm rooms and boardrooms; into Hollywood, Bollywood and Broadway; into celebrity lives or desperate housewives - to lead all to the Luminous One - Christ Jesus.

We must not live apart from the world in some sort of “country club of the saved” but must be actively engaged in the affairs of the world and mankind. We are not merely passive observers of life around us, but participants in cosmic events and spiritual directives that shape our world and alter the lives of men and women with whom we interact.

'Normal' or 'nominal' is an adjective that just cannot be used to describe the standard by which we must live our lives. We must be - SUPERNATURAL.

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The Legacy PROJECT

Yale historian Jaroslav Pelikan writes of Jesus, “Regardless of what anyone may personally think or believe about him, Jesus of Nazareth has been the dominant figure in the history of Western culture for almost twenty centuries… It is from his birth that most of the human race dates its calendars, it is by his name that millions curse and in his name that millions pray.” 

Without doubt, Jesus is the most dominant figure in history! Long after Jesus physically walked the dusty roads of Palestine, his message and works continue to impact the planet and everyone born into it! If ever a man left a Legacy - it is Christ Jesus! 

King David was not permitted to build a great temple for God's name to dwell in, but he purposed in his heart that he would do something great for his God. So he established Zion and was given the plans and blueprints (the architecture) from God upon which his son, Solomon, built the Temple. Likewise, it is important for us to leave a legacy for future generations to build upon. 

It is to this future that we have committed our gifitings, resources and lives. This is our investment into the future: To create the platform that allows successive generations to use as a platform to see further, accomplish greater and impact stronger! This is the Legacy Project - the platform for future generations!

THE SOUND OF LIGHT Prophetic Expressions in the New Millennium


    THE SOUND OF LIGHT is taken from Psa 119: "The entrance of thy Word brings light."

    It is our passion to bring the voice & intentions of God into the lives of men & women through revelation and prophetic ministry rooted in love & Grace.

    Our meetings are characterised by prophetic declarations, proclamations, prophecy and creative expression through music, sponatenous singing and even rap!

    Not only do we seek to reach the Church, but to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable through a message of hope and personal destiny.

    'Prophet' is not a title - it's a functionality! Remember, A prophet is not the finger of condemnation, but the extended hand of hope!

5 ELEVEN GENERATION Naturally Supernatural


    When the Spirit of God spoke to me in 2012 to “raise up a generation filled with the Spirit of Light”, it was based on a passage found in Daniel 5:11.

    The 5 ELEVEN GENERATION is the embodiment of what was found to be in Daniel and his contemporaries. Though serving in the courts of a Chaldean King – they wielded the most influence, enjoyed the greatest favour and provided the soundest solutions. A truly "market place" generation walking in the mysterious, supernatural power of the Living God!

    The 5:11 Generation has a LUMINOSITY that radiates into a dark world. They are spiritually acute but generationally relevant.

    AWe speak the language of Babylon but walk in the authority and power of the Kingdom as did Daniel of old.

SPIRITUALIS ARTI School of the Spiritual Arts


    To achieve our mandate to raise a generation filled with the Spirit of Light, we founded the School of the Spiritual Arts to teach the things of God that would leads us into a deeper life with a higher spiritual quotient (SQ) and a profound understanding of the God whose ways and thoughts are far beyond ours.

    Prophets may be Kingdom architects but at the core of any prophetic ministry is the need to teach the things of God. Moses cried out to know God's ways. Solomon yearned for wisdom. Paul encouraged Timothy to show himself approved.

    Our school’s mission is to provide the highest caliber of spiritual education and training in focus fields that reflect the nature of our ministry.

    Cutting-edge & scripturally based, these courses are exciting, engaging and enabling. You may not become a theologian, but you certainly will become empowered.

Stewarding the PROPHETIC


Within the contemporary church the term, “prophetic ministry,” can mean a great many things. Some persons labeled as “prophets” may be more accurately categorized as “prophetic ministries.” While they may minister to the church at large, they primarily operate within the occasional “charisma” gift of prophecy. Others are called to bear the ministry of a prophet consistently as a primary calling. An established prophet will not only operate in the gift of prophecy, but will carry seasonal prophetic burdens and messages from God the Father to the wider church, and sometimes even to nations. His or her emphasis may be much more “the word of the Lord,” as opposed to “words from the Lord.” They may, at times, even give a prophetic rebuke or warning to the church, which should always be a message of grace, postured within the Father heart of God.


i. The Bible, as the perfect revelation of Jesus and the infallible word of God, is the absolute standard for weighing and assessing all revelation (2Timothy 3:16, Col 2:18-19, John 1:14).

ii. God values His Word as the expression of His name and nature (Psalms 138:2). Therefore, we hold truth as a necessity in prophecy.

iii. I believe that prophetic accuracy is essential. I believe that the method and manner of delivery (the heart) of a prophecy is also important.

iv. If I do give an errant prophecy, I commit to full repentance.*

v. Concerning supernatural manifestations, I will not substitute the seeking of angels, angelic activity, or other supernatural manifestations, over the seeking of God, His presence, and the truths contained in Scripture. The source of all truth is the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 11:14; Col 2:18-19).

vi. Understanding a prophetic word is vital to its implementation. Therefore, I commit to being open to discuss, with appropriate leaders within the Body of Christ, the prophetic words I receive and interpretations of those words. I will endeavor to do so because prophetic gifts are given to serve the people, not to promote the one who prophesies.

vii. Words from God over a congregation should encourage, train and equip the Body of Christ (corporate) to conform to the image of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-16). I will endeavor to always help the Body of Christ perceive the Person of Christ more clearly and to hunger for Him and His ways (Col. 1:8-10, Eph. 1:17-18).

viii. Ephesians 4 ministers (Ascension gifted) are to equip the Body of Christ to receive, develop and mature, rather than to cultivate an audience of spectators for our gifting. Both Corporate & Personal prophetic words from Ascension gifted prophets may carry proclamation, declaration and even correction and is disticnctly different from the Gift of Prophecy (1 Cor 14) that all believers may flow in - which is charactersied by words of edification, exhortation and comfort.

ix. I commit to help train the Body of Christ to discern between genuine encounters with God and other pseudo-spiritual experiences, as well as to help the Body of Christ understand the various degrees of revelation and their relative levels of importance.

x. I commit to refusing to prostitute the revelatory gifting God has given me by attaching a fee to a prophetic word.** (Micah 3:11).

*This will include: An apology. If I gave the prophecy to a private party, my apology must be to that party. If the prophecy was given to a group such as a church or the public, the apology must be given to that group.
**Accepting honorariums, gifts or travel remuneration is customary. This is different than prophesying for an agreed amount of money, and is equivalent to a pastor receiving a salary.



We believe in the Unchangeable, Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, All-Powerful, All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Present, Creator of Heaven and Earth. God alone is the All-Father from whom everything ever spoken, thought or expressed into existence has its beginning.

God is expressed in the Uncreated, Living Word whose name was given to men that they may call upon the God of their design and destiny: Christ Jesus. The Living Word came into the world of men to become the sacrificial atonement for man, that man might once again be reconciled to the Uncreated Creator from whom man was alienated by their transgressions.

The Spirit of the Indivisible, All-Father exists without distinction, rank or hierarchical stature. The Spirit is the very presence of the Uncreated God that permeates and irradiates everything ever created. The Spirit of God is the power, glory, breath and essence of God.



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We are a completely faith based in our initiatives and missions relying on the benevolence and generosity of those who identify with the Sound of the Prophetic. All the lives we have touched and changed owe no small amount of gratitude to you for enabling us to bring the Sound of Light into their world!.

By sowing into the prophet's need, you are uniting with his mission to prophesy, declare and bring liberty to those who ache for the prophetic. Everywhere God sends me, you now go too! You are there, as we deliver interpretations to dreams from Bollywood to Hollywood; as we prophesy to presidents, princes and kings alike; as we declare miraculous, supernatural interventions and reach the unreachable & touch the untouchable.

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." (Matt11:12)

The Kingdom of Heaven is vitally active and always advancing, but it requires vitally active and even spiritually aggressive people to advance it! Indeed the violent seize the opportunity to promote the Kingdom with courage, determination and a warrior-like spirit! By enabling us to undertake our Boots on the Ground mission trips around the world - you are part of our war against the powers of Darkness! Your finance (and your prayers for us) is your weapon! When you finance & sow into our mandate, you are literally striking at the enemy!

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